Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Keychains...Anthony X 65 or so...

I was at the Salvation Army the other day and I noticed this big bag of keychains. I figured there would be different names on them. Nope, just Anthony, Anthony, Anthony. Well, they were only $2.99. I figured I could at least use the hardware and it would be a good deal. Then I thought I could cover them somehow.

What do you think?


the jewelry :ninja! said...

well, here's my idea for the keychains:

make little sleeves for them out of scrap fabric/ribbons, and slip them over the name part.
voila! new keychain!


BibbityBoo said...

Decoupage over the whole thing for a pretty floral/stripe/dotted/etc look.

jewelrygirl said...

You could use jump rings and attach them to a small lamp shade all the way around the bottom, like fringe. That would be cool.