Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Shotgun shells......and other shells.

Okay, I got these off of freecycle. The shotgun shells have a really cool bottom on them that could possibly be cut off and used as a bezel? I read in a craft to do book about using shells as jewelry charms. You can drill holes in the side to run a chain through. Then you can glue feathers or something inside.

Help me out here. I think they have potential.


BibbityBoo said...

small shells: decoupage pieces of old books, or old pictures for a charm.
large shells: decoupage, and fit with a cap or lid for a secret compartment, functional charm for necklace or keychain.

jewelrygirl said...

You could make teenie tiny little vases for some of your enamel flowers. Attach them to some kind of base....then make your pins into flowers.

Anonymous said...

Take them to a gun store and turn them in for recycling. Those shotgun shells will still have powder in them and you could get seriously hurt!

Mary's Madness said...

Anony, Recycling is always a great idea for items we aren't planning on using again!

I have made sure to wash these out prior to using and I appreciate the reminder! Safety first!

I've still not found the perfect idea yet. Still working on it. Any more ideas anyone?