Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Let's get started Crafters....What can I do with these?

Okay, I went to an estate sale one day and got a bunch of bezel type hardware. Here are some pics. What can I do with these? Across the top row is a belt buckle (no bezel), then this buckle has a magnet in the bezel. I also have some without the magnets.
There are 2 tie clips, some with magnets, some without. In the middle on the left are 3 bezels 2 are flat on the back and one has a clip thing on the back. On the right side are 2 bezels that have stick pins on the back. Then there are 3 money clips and a FORE belt buckle. There must be something I can do to cover FORE.

Here is a pic of the backs.

So, what can I do with these?

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