Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Medals of honor.......What to do?

Okay, I don't always pick these things up at any one time. When you buy bags of stuff, you get a little of everything and before you know it you have a collection. I got some of these in junk jewelry lots (people throw them in because they have weight to them) and other places.

I think they have potential. The only downside is that they are a little heavy.

What can I do with this?


Elizabeth Staley said...

Hmmm... Could you make a quilted wall-hanging with these as embellishments? They'd even be cool taken off the ribbons and put on chain with some accenting charms and gems (the smaller ones, anyway).

Wild said...

use them as a focal bead like people use coins in beaded necklaces.

Anonymous said...

Use them in displays honoring vets and all who served. For the millitary medals, that's somebody's life represented. It's kind of sad not to honor them somehow.

Mary's Madness said...

Anony, These are medals from school contests and such. I would never deface a military medal. I agree with you and would also want to honor them. Thanks for your comment!